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Maik Bartelheimer

PD Dr. Maik Bartelheimer

E-Mail: m.bartelheimer@uni-muenster.de
Phone: +49 251 83-21089
Fax: +49 251 83-24668
Room: 215


10/2017 Akademischer Rat auf Zeit am Fachbereich Biologie, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
10/2015 - 09/2017 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Faculty of Biology, University of Münster
03/2014 - 09/2015 Akademischer Oberrat auf Zeit, Institute of Botany, University of Regensburg
03/2008 - 03/2014 Akademischer Rat auf Zeit, Institute of Botany, University of Regensburg
10/2006 - 03/2007 Post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Experimental and Systems Ecology, University of Bielefeld
03/2006 - 02/2008 Visiting Researcher in 'Population and Conservation Biology', The Open University Milton Keynes (UK)
08/2001 - 04/2005 Pre-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Experimental and Systems Ecology, University of Bielefeld
10/1992 - 12/1993 Civil Service Umweltamt Bielefeld


03/2008 - 03/2014 Habilitation in Botany, University of Regensburg
08/2001 - 07/2005 PhD in Plant Ecology, Bielefeld University
10/1994 - 07/2001 Diplom in Biology, Bielefeld University


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Article in Journal

Sattler J, Bartelheimer M: Root responses to legume plants integrate information on nitrogen availability and neighbour identity. Basic and Applied Ecology in press (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P: Ellenberg's water table experiment put to the test: species optima along a hydrological gradient. Oecologia 2016, 181:1163-1172 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P : Functional characterizations of Ellenberg Indicator Values - a review on ecophysiological determinants. Functional Ecology 2016, 30:506-516 (Details)

Höpfner I, Beyschlag W, Bartelheimer M, Werner C, Unger S : Role of mycorrhization and nutrient availability in competitive interactions between the grassland species Plantago lanceolata and Hieracium pilosella. Plant Ecology 2015, 216:887-899 (Details)

Schmid C, Bauer S, Bartelheimer M : Should I stay or should I go? Roots segregate in response to competition intensity. Plant and Soil 2015, 391:283-291 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Schmid C, Storf J, Hell K, Bauer S : Interspecific competition in Arabidopsis thaliana ? a knowledge gap is starting to close. Progress in Botany 2015, 76:303-319 (Details)

Abedi M, Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P : Effects of substrate type, moisture and its interaction on soil seed survival of three Rumex species. Plant and Soil 2014, 374:485-495 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P : The response of grassland species to nitrate versus ammonium coincides with their pH optima. Journal of Vegetation Science 2014, 25:760-770 (Details)

Schmid C, Bauer S, Müller B, Bartelheimer M : Belowground neighbor perception in Arabidopsis thaliana studied by transcriptome analysis: roots of Hieracium pilosella cause biotic stress. Frontiers in Plant Science 2013, 4 (Details)

Müller B, Bartelheimer M : Interspecific competition in Arabidopsis thaliana: root hairs are important for competitive effect, but not for competitive response. Plant and Soil 2013, 371:167-177 (Details)

Abedi M*, Bartelheimer M* (*equally contributing), Poschlod, P : Aluminium toxic effects on seedling root survival affect plant composition along soil reaction gradients ? a case study in dry sandy grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science 2013, 24:1074-1085 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Gowing D, Silvertown J : Explaining hydrological niches: the decisive role of below-ground competition in two closely related Senecio species. Journal of Ecology 2010, 98:126-136 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Steinlein T, Beyschlag W : 15N-nitrate-labelling demonstrates a size symmetric competitive effect on belowground resource uptake. Plant Ecology 2008, 199:243-253 (Details)

Weigelt A, Schumacher J, Walther T, Bartelheimer M, Steinlein T, Beyschlag W : On the hyperbolic competition model ? Reply. Journal of Ecology 2007, 95:601-602 (Details)

Weigelt A, Schumacher J, Walther T, Bartelheimer M, Steinlein T, Beyschlag W : Identifying mechanisms of competition in multi-species communities. Journal of Ecology 2007, 95:53-64 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Steinlein T, Beyschlag W : Aggregative root placement: a feature during interspecific competition in inland sand-dune habitats. Plant and Soil 2006, 280:101-114 (Details)

Araya Y, Bartelheimer M, Valle C, Crujeiras R, García-Baquero, G: Does functional soil microbial diversity contribute to explain within-site plant beta-diversity in an alpine grassland and a dehesa meadow in Spain?. Journal of Vegetation Science 2017, 28:1018-1027 (Details)

Chapter in Book

Poschlod P, Abedi M, Bartelheimer M, Drobnik J, Rosbakh S, Saatkamp A : Seed Ecology and Assembly Rules in Plant Communities . In Van der Maarel, E, Franklin, J: Vegetation Ecology, 2013, Wiley; 164-202 (Details)


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