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Article in Journal

Aly R, Lati R, Abu-Nassar J, Ziadna H, Achdari G, von Muenchow CS, Wicke S, Bari VK, Eizenberg H: The weedy parasite Phelipanche aegyptiaca attacks Brassica rapa var. rapa L. for the first time in Israel. Plant Disease in press (Details)

Sattler J, Bartelheimer M: Root responses to legume plants integrate information on nitrogen availability and neighbour identity. Basic and Applied Ecology in press (Details)

Maul K, Krug M, Nickrent DL, Müller KF, Quandt D, Wicke S: Morphology, geographic distribution, and host preferences are poor predictors of phylogenetic relatedness in the mistletoe genus Viscum L. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2018, 131:106-115 (Details)

Borsch T, Flores-Olvera H, Zumaya S, Müller KF: Pollen characters and DNA sequence data converge on a monophyletic genus Iresine (Amaranthaceae, Caryophyllales) and help to elucidate its species diversity. Taxon 2018, 67:944-976 (Details)

Poppinga S, Westermeier AS, Fleischmann A, Müller KF, Speck T: Evolution of a sucker: Functional principles of traps in carnivorous bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae). Atlas of Science 2018, 1 (Details)

Barrett CF, Wicke S, Sass C: Dense infraspecific sampling reveals rapid and independent trajectories of plastome degradation in a heterotrophic orchid complex. New Phytologist 2018, 218:1192-1204 (Details)

Wang Y-H, Wicke S, Wang H, Jin J-J, Chen S-Y, Zhang S-D, Li D-Z, Yi T-S: Plastid genome evolution in the early-diverging legume subfamily Cercidoideae (Fabaceae). Frontiers in Plant Science 2018, 8:138 (Details)

Westermeier AS, Fleischmann A, Müller K, Schäferhoff B, Rubach C, Speck T, Poppinga S: Trap diversity and character evolution in carnivorous bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae). Scientific Reports 2017, 7:12052 (Details)

Noben S, Kessler M, Quandt D, Weigand A, Wicke S, Krug M, Lehnert M: Biogeography of the Gondwanan tree fern family Dicksoniaceae?A tale of vicariance, dispersal and extinction. Journal of Biogeography 2017, 44:2648-2659 (Details)

Barré P, Stöver BC, Müller KF, Steinhage V: LeafNet: A computer vision system for automatic plant species identification. Ecological Informatics 2017, 40:50-56 (Details)

Levy Karin E, Ashkenazy H, Wicke S, Pupko T, Mayrose I: TraitRateProp: A web server for the detection of trait-dependent evolutionary rate shifts in sequence sites. Nucleic Acids Research 2017, 45:W260-W264 (Details)

Levy Karin E, Wicke S, Pupko T, Mayrose I: An integrated model of phenotypic trait changes and site-specific sequence evolution. Systematic Biology 2017, 66:917-933 (Details)

Röschenbleck J, Wicke S, Weinl S, Kudla J, Müller KF: Genus-wide screening reveals four distinct types of structural plastid genome organization in Pelargonium (Geraniaceae). Genome Biology and Evolution 2017, 9:64-76 (Details)

Wicke S, Müller KF, dePamphilis CW, Quandt D, Bellot S, Schneeweiss GM: Mechanistic model of evolutionary rate variation en route to a nonphotosynthetic lifestyle in plants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2016, 113:9045-9050 (Details)

Feng YL, Wicke S, Li JW, Han Y, Lin CS, Li DZ, Zhou TT, Huang WC, Huang LQ, Jin XH: Lineage-specific reductions of plastid genomes in an orchid tribe with partially and fully mycoheterotrophic species. Genome Biology and Evolution 2016, 8:2164?2175 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P: Ellenberg's water table experiment put to the test: species optima along a hydrological gradient. Oecologia 2016, 181:1163-1172 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P : Functional characterizations of Ellenberg Indicator Values - a review on ecophysiological determinants. Functional Ecology 2016, 30:506-516 (Details)

Cusimano N, Wicke S: Massive intracellular gene transfer during plastid genome reduction in nongreen Orobanchaceae. New Phytologist 2016, 210:680-693 (Details)

Kilian N, Henning T, Plitzner P, Müller A, Güntsch A, Stöver BC, Müller KF, Berendsohn WG, Borsch T: Sample data processing in an additive and reproducible taxonomic workflow by using character data persistently linked to preserved individual specimens. Database 2015, 2015:bav094 (Details)

Höpfner I, Beyschlag W, Bartelheimer M, Werner C, Unger S : Role of mycorrhization and nutrient availability in competitive interactions between the grassland species Plantago lanceolata and Hieracium pilosella. Plant Ecology 2015, 216:887-899 (Details)

Szövényi P, Frangedakis E, Ricca M, Quandt D, Wicke S, Langdale JA: Establishment of Anthoceros agrestis as a model species for studying the biology of hornworts. BMC Plant Biology 2015, 15:98 (Details)

Schmid C, Bauer S, Bartelheimer M : Should I stay or should I go? Roots segregate in response to competition intensity. Plant and Soil 2015, 391:283-291 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Schmid C, Storf J, Hell K, Bauer S : Interspecific competition in Arabidopsis thaliana ? a knowledge gap is starting to close. Progress in Botany 2015, 76:303-319 (Details)

Fleischmann A, Michael T, Rivadavia F, Wang W, Temsch E, Greilhuber J, Müller KF, Heubl G: Evolution of genome size and chromosome number in the carnivorous plant genus Genlisea (Lentibulariaceae), with a new estimate of the minimum genome size in angiosperms. Annals of Botany 2014, 114:1651--1663 (Details)

Wicke S, Schäferhoff B, dePamphilis CW, Müller KF: Disproportional plastome-wide increase of substitution rates and relaxed purifying selection in genes of carnivorous Lentibulariaceae. Molecular Biology and Evolution 2014, 31:529-545 (Details)

Röschenbleck J, Albers F, Müller KF, Weinl S, Kudla J: Phylogenetics, character evolution and a subgeneric revision of the genus Pelargonium (Geraniaceae). Phytotaxa 2014, 159:31-76 (Details)

Wicke S, Müller KF, dePamphilis CW, Quandt D, Wickett NJ, Zhang Y, Renner SS, Schneeweiss GM : Mechanisms of functional and physical genome reduction in photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic parasitic plants of the broomrape family. The Plant Cell 2013, 25:3711-3725 (Details)

Fischer E, Schäferhoff B, Müller KF: The phylogeny of Linderniaceae - The new genus Linderniella, and new combinations within Bonnaya, Craterostigma, Lindernia, Torenia and Vandellia. Willdenowia 2013, 43:209-238 (Details)

Testroet P, Quandt D, Santos-Guerra A, Müller KF, Lobin W: Population genetics and conservation of Sideroxylon canariense (Sapotaceae) on the Canary Islands. Vieraea 2013, 41:295-308 (Details)

Abedi M, Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P : Effects of substrate type, moisture and its interaction on soil seed survival of three Rumex species. Plant and Soil 2014, 374:485-495 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Poschlod P : The response of grassland species to nitrate versus ammonium coincides with their pH optima. Journal of Vegetation Science 2014, 25:760-770 (Details)

Schmid C, Bauer S, Müller B, Bartelheimer M : Belowground neighbor perception in Arabidopsis thaliana studied by transcriptome analysis: roots of Hieracium pilosella cause biotic stress. Frontiers in Plant Science 2013, 4 (Details)

Müller B, Bartelheimer M : Interspecific competition in Arabidopsis thaliana: root hairs are important for competitive effect, but not for competitive response. Plant and Soil 2013, 371:167-177 (Details)

Damayanti L, Muñoz J, Wicke S, Symmank L, Shaw B, Frahm J-P, Quandt D: Common but new: Bartramia rosamrosiae, a 'new' widespread species of apple mosses (Bartramiales, Bryophytina) from the Mediterranean and western North America. Phytotaxa 2012, 73:37-59 (Details)

Abedi M*, Bartelheimer M* (*equally contributing), Poschlod, P : Aluminium toxic effects on seedling root survival affect plant composition along soil reaction gradients ? a case study in dry sandy grasslands. Journal of Vegetation Science 2013, 24:1074-1085 (Details)

Fischer E, Schäferhoff B, Müller KF: The new monotypic genus Bardotia (Orobanchaceae) from Madagascar and remarks on the phylogenetic relationships of the African and Madagascan genera Micrargeria, Parastriga, Radamaea, Rhamphicarpa and Sieversandreas. Phytotaxa 2012, 46:19-33 (Details)

Barniske A, Borsch T, Müller KF, Krug M, Worberg A, Neinhuis C, Quandt D: Phylogenetics of early branching eudicots: comparing phylogenetic signal accross chloroplast introns, spacers, and genes. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 2012, 50:85-108 (Details)

Naumann J, Symmank L, Samain M, Müller KF, Neinhuis C, dePamphilis CW, Wanke S: Chasing the hare - Evaluating the phylogenetic utility of a nuclear single copy gene region at and below species level. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, 11:357 (Details)

Müller KF: McPherson S. (ed. by Fleischmann A. and Robinson A.): Carnivorous plants and their habitats. (Book review). Willdenowia 2011, 42:387-388 (Details)

Wicke S, Costa A, Muñoz J, Quandt D: Restless 5S: The re-arrangement(s) and evolution of the nuclear ribosomal DNA in land plants. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2011, 61:321-332 (Details)

Korotkova N, Borsch T, Quandt D, Taylor NP, Müller KF, Barthlott W: What does it take to resolve relationships and to identify species with molecular markers? An example from the epiphytic Rhipsalideae (Cactaceae). American Journal of Botany 2011, 98:1549-1572 (Details)

Wicke S, Schneeweiss GM, dePamphilis CW, Müller KF, Quandt D: The evolution of the plastid chromosome in land plants: gene content, gene order, gene function. Plant Molecular Biology 2011, 76:273-297 (Details)

Schäferhoff B, Fleischmann A, Fischer E, Albach DC, Borsch T, Heubl G, Müller KF: Towards resolving Lamiales relationships: insights from rapidly evolving chloroplast sequences. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2010, 10 (Details)

Simmons MP, Müller KF, Norton: Alignment of, and phylogenetic inference from, random sequences: the susceptibility of alternative methods to artifactual resolution and support. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2010, 57:1004-1016 (Details)

Preußing M, Olsson S, Schäfer-Verwimp A, Wickett NJ, Wicke S, Quandt D, Nebel M: New insights in the evolution of the liverwort family Aneuraceae (Metzgeriales, Marchantiophyta), with emphasis on the genus Lobatiriccardia. Taxon 2010, 59:1424-1440 (Details)

Fleischmann A, Schäferhoff B, Heubl G, Rivadavia F, Barthlott W, Müller KF: Phylogenetics and character evolution in the carnivorous plant genus Genlisea A. St.-Hil. (Lentibulariaceae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2010, 56:768-783 (Details)

Simmons MP, Webb CT, Müller KF: The deterministic effects of alignment bias in phylogenetic inference. Cladistics 2010, 27:402-416 (Details)

Simmons MP, Zhang LB, Müller KF: Phylogenetic inference using non-redundant coding of dependent characters vs. alternative approaches when applied to protein-coding genes. Cladistics 2010, 27:186-196 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: TreeGraph 2: combining and visualizing evidence from different phylogenetic analyses. BMC Bioinformatics 2010, 11 (Details)

Müller KF, Albach DC: Evolutionary rates in Veronica L. (Plantaginaceae): Disentangling the influence of life history and breeding system. Journal of Molecular Evolution 2010, 70:44-56 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Gowing D, Silvertown J : Explaining hydrological niches: the decisive role of below-ground competition in two closely related Senecio species. Journal of Ecology 2010, 98:126-136 (Details)

Schäferhoff B, Müller KF, Borsch T: Caryophyllales phylogenetics: disentangling Phytolaccaceae and Molluginaceae and description of Microteaceae as a new isolated family. Willdenowia 2009, 39:209-228 (Details)

Wicke S, Quandt D: Universal primers for the amplification of the plastid trnK/matK region in land plants. Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid 2009, 66:285-288 (Details)

Simmons MP, Müller KF, Webb CT: The relative sensitivity of different alignment methods and character codings in sensitivity analysis. Cladistics 2008, 24:1039-1050 (Details)

Beck SG, Fleischmann A, Huaylla H, Müller KF, Borsch T: Pinguicula chuquisacensis (Lentibulariaceae), a new species from the Bolivian Andes, and first insights on phylogenetic relationships among South American Pinguicula. Willdenowia 2008, 38:201-212 (Details)

Wahrmund U, Rein T, Frahm, Müller KF, Groth-Malonek M, Knoop V: Fifty mosses on five trees: Comparing phylogenetic information in three types of non-coding mitochondrial DNA and two chloroplast loci. Plant Systematics and Evolution 2008, 282:241-255 (Details)

Bartelheimer M, Steinlein T, Beyschlag W : 15N-nitrate-labelling demonstrates a size symmetric competitive effect on belowground resource uptake. Plant Ecology 2008, 199:243-253 (Details)

Wall PK, Leebens-Mack J, Müller KF, Field D, Altman NS, dePamphilis CW: PlantTribes: A gene and gene family resource for comparative genomics in plants. Nucleic Acids Research 2007, 36:D970-D976 (Details)

Jansen RK, Cai Z, Daniell H, Raubeson L, DePamphilis CW, Leebens-Mack J, Müller KF, Guisinger-Bellian M, Haberle RC, Hansen AK, Chumley TW, Lee, Peery R, McNeal JR, Kuehl JV, Boore JL: Analysis of 81 Genes from 64 Chloroplast Genomes Resolves Relationships in Angiosperms and Identifies Genome-Scale Evolutionary Patterns. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2007, 104:19369-19374 (Details)

Barakat A, Müller KF, Sáenz de Miera: Molecular evolutionary analysis of the Arabidopsis L7 ribosomal protein gene family. Gene 2007, 403:143-150 (Details)

Simmons MP, Müller KF, Norton AP: The relative performance of indel-coding methods in simulations. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2007, 44:724-740 (Details)

Weigelt A, Schumacher J, Walther T, Bartelheimer M, Steinlein T, Beyschlag W : On the hyperbolic competition model ? Reply. Journal of Ecology 2007, 95:601-602 (Details)

Simmons MP, Zhang, Webb CT, Müller KF: A penalty of using anonymous dominant markers (AFLPs, ISSRs, and RAPDs) for phylogenetic inference. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2007, 42:528-542 (Details)

Weigelt A, Schumacher J, Walther T, Bartelheimer M, Steinlein T, Beyschlag W : Identifying mechanisms of competition in multi-species communities. Journal of Ecology 2007, 95:53-64 (Details)

Müller K, Borsch T, Legendre L, Porembski S, Barthlott W: Recent progress in understanding the evolution of Lentibulariaceae. Plant Biology 2006, 8:748-757 (Details)

Greilhuber J, Borsch T, Müller KF, Worberg A, Porembski S, Barthlott W: Smallest angiosperm genomes found in Lentibulariaceae, with chromosomes of bacterial size. Plant Biology 2006, 8:770-777 (Details)

Müller KF, Borsch T, Hilu KW: Phylogenetic utility of rapidly evolving DNA at high taxonomical levels: contrasting matK, trnT-F and rbcL in basal angiosperms. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2006, 41:99-117 (Details)

Müller KF: Incorporating information from length-mutational events into phylogenetic analysis. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2006, 38:667-76 (Details)

Müller KF, Borsch T: Multiple origins of a unique pollen feature: stellate pore ornamentation in Amaranthaceae. Grana 2005, 44:266-281 (Details)

Müller KF: The efficiency of different search strategies in estimating parsimony jackknife, bootstrap, and Bremer support. BMC Evolutionary Biology 2005, 5:58 (Details)

Cieslack T, Polepalli, White A, Müller KF, Borsch T, Barthlott W, Steiger J, Marchand A, Legendre L: Phylogenetic Analysis of Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae): Chloroplast DNA Sequences and Morphology Support Several Geographically Distinct Radiations. American Journal of Botany 2005, 92:1723-1736 (Details)

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Borsch T, Löhne C, Müller KF, Hilu KW, Wanke S, Worberg A, Barthlott W, Neinhuis C, Quandt D: Towards Understanding Basal Angiosperm Diversification: Recent Insights Using Rapidly Evolving Genomic Regions. Nova Acta Leopoldina 92 2005, 342:85-110 (Details)

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Müller KF: SeqState - primer design and sequence statistics for phylogenetic DNA data sets. Applied Bioinformatics 2005, 4:65-69 (Details)

Rahmanzadeh R, Müller KF, Fischer E, Bartels D, Borsch T: The Linderniaceae and Gratiolaceae (Lamiales) are further lineages distinct from Scrophulariaceae. Plant Biology 2005, 7:67-78 (Details)

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Müller J, Müller KF: TreeGraph: automated drawing of complex tree figures using an extensible tree description format. Molecular Ecology Notes 2004, 4:786-788 (Details)

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Müller KF: PRAP - computation of Bremer support for large data sets. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2004, 31:780-782 (Details)

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Müller KF, Borsch T, Legendre L, Theisen I, Barthlott W: Evolution of carnivory in the Lentibulariaceae: considerations based on molecular, morphological, and physiological evidence. Proceedings of the 4th International Carnivorous Plant Conference, Tokyo, Japan 2002 2002, 63-73 (Details)

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Araya Y, Bartelheimer M, Valle C, Crujeiras R, García-Baquero, G: Does functional soil microbial diversity contribute to explain within-site plant beta-diversity in an alpine grassland and a dehesa meadow in Spain?. Journal of Vegetation Science 2017, 28:1018-1027 (Details)

Book (Monograph)

Knoop V, Müller KF: Gene und Stammbäume: Ein Handbuch zur molekularen Phylogenetik. 2008, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 397 (Details)

Knoop V, Müller KF: Gene und Stammbäume. Ein Handbuch zur molekularen Phylogenetik. 2006, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 310 (Details)

Chapter in Book

Grimm J, Hoffmann M, Stöver BC, Müller KF, Steinhage V: Image-Based Identification of Plant Species Using a Model-Free Approach and Active Learning. In Friedrich G, Helmert M, Wotawa F: KI 2016: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 2016, Springer International Publishing; 169-176 (Details)

Wicke S: Genomic evolution in Orobanchaceae. In Joel DM, Gressel J, Musselman LJ: Parasitic Orobanchaceae - Parasitic Mechanisms and Control Strategies , 2013, Springer; Chapter 15 (Details)

Poschlod P, Abedi M, Bartelheimer M, Drobnik J, Rosbakh S, Saatkamp A : Seed Ecology and Assembly Rules in Plant Communities . In Van der Maarel, E, Franklin, J: Vegetation Ecology, 2013, Wiley; 164-202 (Details)

Müller KF: Biodiversität und Evolution. In Behler J, Fischer S, Funke A, Hartmann B, Heimhofer U, Martens W, Müller KF, Schmidt K, Schuchart C, Spehr M, Trapp O, Wagner M, Zwierlein C: Perspektiven - Forschungsfragen der Zukunft, 2011, Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh; 1-10 (Details)

Quandt D, Müller KF, Stech M, Hilu KW, Frey W, Frahm J-P, Borsch T: Molecular evolution of the chloroplast trnL-F region in land plants. In Goffinet B, Hollowell V, Magill R: Molecular Systematics of Bryophytes, 2004, Missouri Botanical Garden Press; 13-37 (Details)

Huttunen S, Ignatov MS, Müller KF, Quandt D: The phylogeny and evolution of epiphytism in three moss families Meteoriaceae, Brachytheciaceae, and Lembophyllaceae. In Goffinet B, Hollowell V, Magill R: Molecular Systematics of Bryophytes, 2004, Missouri Botanical Garden Press; 328-364 (Details)

Wicke S, Naumann J: Molecular evolution of plastid genomes in parasitic flowering plants. In Chaw S-M, Jansen RK: Advances in Botanical Research, 2018, Academic Press; 315-347 (Details)

Wicke S, Schneeweiss GM: Next generation organellar genomics: Potentials and pitfalls of high-throughput technologies for molecular evolutionary studies and plant systematics. In Hörandl E; Appelhans M: Next generation sequencing in plant systematics, 2015, Koeltz Scientific Books; Chapter 1 (Details)

Conference abstract/poster

Wiechers S, Müller KF: The GBOL5 Web App ? Plant barcode management and analysis. 1st Münster Evolution Meeting; Münster, Germany; 2018 (Details)

Stöver BC, Brech P, Wiechers S, Müller KF: Metadata modeling in phylogenetic software to increase data reuse and reproducibility. 1st Münster Evolution Meeting; Münster, Germany; 2018 (Details)

Wiechers S, Müller KF: The GBOL5 Web App - A DNA barcode management and analysis system. 7th annual Symposium of the Münster Graduate School of Evolution; Münster, Germany; 2018 (Details)

Plitzner P, Müller A, Güntsch A, Berendsohn WG, Kohlbecker A, Kilian N, Henning T, Stöver BC: The CDM Applied: Unit-Derivation, from Field Observations to DNA Sequences. TDWG 2017 Annual Conference; Ottawa, Canada; 2017 (Details)

Wiechers S, Müller KF, Stöver BC: Increasing data accessibility and reuse in phylogenetics by employing externally defined ontologies. 6th annual Symposium of the Münster Graduate School of Evolution; Münster, Germany; 2017 (Details)

Stöver BC, Wiechers S, Müller KF: JPhyloIO - A Java library for event-based reading and writing of different alignment and tree formats through one common interface. European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB); The Hague, The Netherlands; 2016 (Details)

Wiechers S, Müller KF, Stöver BC: New comparison and annotation methods of the phylogenetic tree editor TreeGraph 2. 5th annual Münster Graduate School of Evolution Symposium; Münster, Germany; 2015 (Details)

Stöver BC, Wiechers S, Müller KF: Recent development of the phylogenetic tree editor TreeGraph 2. German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB); Dortmund, Germany; 2015 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: LibrAlign - A powerful Java GUI library for MSA and attached raw and meta data. IPAM Multiple Sequence Alignment Workshop; Los Angeles, USA; 2015 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: AlignmentComparator - Comparing and annotating alternative alignments of the same data set. IPAM Multiple Sequence Alignment Workshop; Los Angeles, USA; 2015 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: LibrAlign - A Java library with powerful GUI components for multiple sequence alignment and attached raw and meta data. German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB); Bielefeld, Germany; 2014 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: AlignmentComparator - A GUI application to efficiently visualize and annotate differences between alternative multiple sequence alignments. 4th annual Münster Graduate School of Evolution Symposium; Münster, Germany; 2014 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: LibrAlign - A GUI library for displaying and editing multiple sequence alignments and attached data. BioDivEvo 2014; Dresden, Germany; 2014 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: Software in the BioInfWeb project. 2nd annual Münster Graduate School of Evolution Symposium; Münster, Germany; 2012 (Details)

Stöver BC, Quandt D, Müller KF: Complex mutations and multiple sequence alignment - Example: Hairpin-initiated repeats (HIRs). 2nd annual Münster Graduate School of Evolution Symposium; Münster, Germany; 2012 (Details)

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