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Computer vision

We cooperate with the Intelligent Vision Systems group at the University of Bonn to develop computer vision methods for the identification of plant taxa and the extraction of morphological character states from digital images.

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Article in Journal

Barré P, Stöver BC, Müller KF, Steinhage V: LeafNet: A computer vision system for automatic plant species identification. Ecological Informatics 2017, 40:50-56 (Details)

Chapter in Book

Grimm J, Hoffmann M, Stöver BC, Müller KF, Steinhage V: Image-Based Identification of Plant Species Using a Model-Free Approach and Active Learning. In Friedrich G, Helmert M, Wotawa F: KI 2016: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 2016, Springer International Publishing; 169-176 (Details)

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