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EDIT Campanula Portal

Together with the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem we work on the Campanula Portal of the EDIT platform. Our task is the development of components enabling the support of sequence and alignment data in the portal.

In the long run, this portal aims at providing a convenient access to the knowledge about the large family Campanulaceae. In the short run, we are using Campanula s.l. (bell flower), which is one of the most specious flowering plant genera, in this portal as an exemplar (1) to display work in progress on the systematics of this genus, and (2) to investigate convenient ways to display the linking of metadata and descriptive data for collection items with taxonomic information.

Project description in DFG GEPRIS


  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) (grant MU 2875/3-1 to K. Müller)

Team members currently working on this topic


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Article in Journal

Kilian N, Henning T, Plitzner P, Müller A, Güntsch A, Stöver BC, Müller KF, Berendsohn WG, Borsch T: Sample data processing in an additive and reproducible taxonomic workflow by using character data persistently linked to preserved individual specimens. Database 2015, 2015:bav094 (Details)

Conference abstract/poster

Wiechers S, Müller KF, Stöver BC: Increasing data accessibility and reuse in phylogenetics by employing externally defined ontologies. 6th annual Symposium of the Münster Graduate School of Evolution; Münster, Germany; 2017 (Details)

Stöver BC, Wiechers S, Müller KF: JPhyloIO - A Java library for event-based reading and writing of different alignment and tree formats through one common interface. European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB); The Hague, The Netherlands; 2016 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: LibrAlign - A powerful Java GUI library for MSA and attached raw and meta data. IPAM Multiple Sequence Alignment Workshop; Los Angeles, USA; 2015 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: LibrAlign - A Java library with powerful GUI components for multiple sequence alignment and attached raw and meta data. German Conference on Bioinformatics (GCB); Bielefeld, Germany; 2014 (Details)

Stöver BC, Müller KF: LibrAlign - A GUI library for displaying and editing multiple sequence alignments and attached data. BioDivEvo 2014; Dresden, Germany; 2014 (Details)

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