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Bioinformatics software and method development (Forschungsmodul M.Sc.)
Development of software components for a database of microstructural mutations (Forschungsmodul M.Sc., master thesis or bachelor thesis)
Evaluating and extending a software for model free plant species identification (Forschungsmodul M.Sc., master thesis or bachelor thesis)

Mehr Informationen über zu vergebende Bachelorarbeiten in 2017 finden sich auch in dieser Broschüre.

Ongoing theses

Titel Student
Development of software components for and analysis of DNA barcoding data of the German flora (PhD) Wiechers, Sarah
Phylogenetic analyses in the hemiparasitic genus Euphrasia (PhD) Schäper, Katharina


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Titel Student Finished
Extending the alignment editor PhyDE (Forschungsmodul M.Sc.) van Groen, Sarah Dec 21, 2018
Extending the alignment editor PhyDE (Forschungsmodul M.Sc.) Kösters, Lara Dec 21, 2018
Software Components for increased Data Reuse and Reproducibility in Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics (PhD) Stöver, Ben Nov 7, 2018
Extending the alignment editor PhyDE (Forschungsmodul M.Sc.) Bohn, Jonas Sep 3, 2018
Extending the metadata model of the phylogenetic tree editor TreeGraph 2 (Bachelor thesis) Brech, Phoebe Sep 30, 2017
Development and implementation of software components increasing the accessibility of phylogenetic metadata (Master thesis) Wiechers, Sarah Sep 30, 2016
Evolution of nuclear encoded photosynthesis genes in hemiparasitic and holoparasitic Orobanchaceae (Master thesis) Thönnes, Michelle Dec 31, 2015
Development of new features of the phylogenetic tree editor TreeGraph 2 (Forschungsmodul M.Sc.) Wiechers, Sarah Nov 30, 2015
The genus Pelargonium (Geraniaceae): Molecular evolution of plastome DNA, phylogeny, taxonomy, and character evolution (PhD) Röschenbleck, Joachim Oct 16, 2015
Population, biological and systematic studies in Euphrasia L. (Bachelor thesis) Weilbacher, Isabella Dec 23, 2014
Characterization of Highly and Moderately Repetitive DNAs in the Miniature Genomes of Carnivorous Lentibulariaceae (Bachelor thesis) Ortlieb, Marisa Sep 30, 2014
Evolution of plastid genes in obligate parasitic Striga species (Orobanchaceae) (Forschungsmodul M.Sc.) Thönnes, Michelle Mar 18, 2014
Phenotypic characterization and differential expression of Striga gesnerioides haustoria in response to different host systems (Bachelor thesis) Roddeck, Eva Aug 31, 2013
Characterization and evolution of phenotypic plasticity in response to changing host systems in the Striga gesnerioides/S. barthlottii complex (Bachelor thesis) Janz, Patricia Aug 31, 2013
Molecular Evolution of the Internal transcribed spacer in the desiccation-tolerant Linderniaceae (Bachelor thesis) Falk, Stephanie Aug 20, 2012
Carnivory in Lamiales: Phylogeny, Taxonomy, and chloroplast genome evolution (PhD) Schäferhoff, Bastian Nov 1, 2011
Entwicklung und Implementierung eines Algorithmus zur Lokalisierung von Haarnadel-bedingten Tandem-Wiederholungen (Diploma thesis) Stöver, Ben Feb 28, 2010

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